6 Downright Funny Pranks for April Fools’ Day

April Fools is almost here and, with that, the inevitable (and hilarious) pranks are sure to follow.

Chances are you don’t have the budget (or spare time) to trick your fellow college students with over-the-top April Fools jokes like Google does (check out last year’s Pokemon Master challenge), but there are still loads of great (and mostly harmless) pranks you can prepare!

Here’s our top picks for this year’s April Fools:

1. Tape under the mouse

A very easy and quick prank to pull, just place a post-it or a bit of tape over your victim’s mouse sensor. This will cause the mouse cursor to either move erratically or to not move at all. For extra points, leave something funny written on it!

Tape under mouse prank

Copyright Instructables

2. Vaseline under the door handle

Just place some Vaseline or liquid soap under a door handle and your victims are sure to find themselves in a sticky situation. Just be sure to place the Vaseline under the door handle, so they can’t see it.

Door handle prank

3. Minty Oreos

Do you know someone with a sweet tooth that can’t resist some Oreos? Well, if you’re willing to replace that delicious filling with toothpaste*, your victim is in for a (rather disgusting) treat!

Oreo and toothpaste prank


Copyright April Fools Day

 * Some toothpastes can be toxic when swallowed, so be careful when choosing which one to use. As an alternative, consider using mayonnaise. We’re not sure which one is worse, though. 🙂

4. Tie up a cellphone with rubber bands

If you have extra rubber bands lying around, why not wrap them around the prankee’s phone and then give them a call? Enjoy their reaction while they struggle to remove all those rubber bands!

Rubber band prank

Copyright Border Town Dawgs

5. Where are the bubbles?

With access to your prankee’s soap bar and some clear nail polish, you can make sure that they’ll have a really hard time lathering up!

Soap bar covered with nail polish

Copyright Lady Create-a-lot

6. Out of toilet paper?

Build this awesome fake toilet paper roll and turn someone’s worst nightmare into a terrible reality!

Evil fake toilet paper prank

Copyright Instructables

What’s the worst prank that you ever pulled on someone? Let us know in the comments below!

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