Have you played Chrome’s hidden game?

Google releases so many cute and nifty Easter eggs in their products, it’s hard to keep track. But this one is really cool: with Chrome’s hidden game you can play an endless running game when your Internet crashes!

Chrome's Easter Egg Game

You might recognize this sad little dinosaur from when your Wi-Fi dies on you. The good news is that you can actually make him jump around until you’re back online! How can you do it? It’s quite simple, actually!

How to play Chrome’s hidden game?

You might be asking yourself how exactly can you waste some time with Chrome’s hidden game. It’s very simple really: you can either wait for your Internet to crash or you can simply deactivate your wireless connection (but not for long, because we need that Internet fix, right?). Once that’s done and you try to use Chrome to access a website, you’ll spot the sad dino warning you there’s no Internet to connect to. At that point, just press the Space Bar and your prehistoric buddy will start running in a loop, counting on you to make him avoid those damn cacti.

Jumping dinosaur in Chrome's hidden game

Now you have a nice way to pass the time while waiting for your Wi-Fi to return, so you can continue your endless quest to find cheap college textbooks and survive college with a good credit score.

Were you aware of this funny little game? Don’t forget to tell us what’s your highest score!

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